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JUSTFOG®USA is a global brand
specialised in vaping products

What’s Vaping?

It refers to the action of inhaling vapour, and the device used for it is called Vape Device

Vaping Products can be categorised into ‘Liquid type electronic cigarettes’, ‘Products for improving smoking habits’, ‘Electronic Nicotine dependance products’ and ‘Subsidiary medical products’.


To Protect 1 billion adult smokers around the world from exposure to numerous harmful substances they may inhaled while smoking cigarettes and to improve their smoking habits by providing opportunities to have purify experience on vaping which contains no cancer-causing substances such as Tar.

Humans have been legally allowed to use such things as cigarettes, alcohol, and coffee for centuries. Among them, the tobacco industry has been massively and steadily consumed all over the world. And we've been accumulating thousands of harmful ingredients together for a long time to supply the body with nicotine, which is easily released, like food.
JUSTFOG®USA has been considering ‘Human’ and ‘Environment’, and developing Vaping products under the purpose of improving smokers’ smoking habits. Our Business Philosophy is to commit ourselves to our duties, and provide wide opportunities to experience safe products to individuals.

Superior Performance

Superior Performance

JUSTFOG®USA has been focusing delivering the most amount of vape with a minimum battery requirements minimum battery requirements, and mainly developed starter kits and pod devices. High quality heating coil which takes the top core role in performance is the ultimate outcome of JUSTFOG®USA’s core technologies.

Complete Structure

Complete Structure

Many of vaping products are being sold in the market and some vaping products have the leakage problems caused by structural issues that have not solved yet. JUSTFOG®USA have found the solution and as a result of it,

JUSTFOG®USA’s products have become top quality products with high completion level in the market. Many other vaping products tend to be on market less than 6 months.

However, our product: JUSTFOG®USA’s Q16, launched in 2016 and has been appreciated as a stay selling products in the market more than 3 years.

High Stability

High Stability

Generally, Stability of the most of pre-install Battery products is highly allied with battery cell and protection functions.

All JUSTFOG®USA have used High-quality battery cell and applied 5 smarts protection functions.