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JFT has been maintaining its defective rate at a record low in the industry.

JFT manufactures its products in its own factory located in China, and 100% Korean Quality Standard is applied throughout the entire manufacturing process. Over 10 years of Strict Quality Control is the making of JUSTFOG®USA as a global vaping brand, and its superior quality has been appreciated by distributors and end users around the world.

JFT is a highly competitive partner.

JFT develops high quality and satisfactory vaping products based on its know-how achieved from 10 years experience to the customers all over the world. JFT has been developing and manufacturing not only its own brand products but also OEM,ODM products when requested. JFT has been long-term partnering with clients.

JFT complies International Standard.

JFT manufactures products complying with International Standards including EU TPD(The Tobacco Products Directive), CE, RoHS, KC(Korean Standard Certificate) etc. Own Research & Development / 10 years Know-how High quality products / Low defect rate Complying International Standard. / Long-term partnership

[ Factory Unit 1 in China ] Extension built in 2017
  • Location: Dongguan, China
  • Annual Output: USD 80million
[ Factory Unit 2 in China ] To be in operation in 2019
  • Location: Dongguan, China
  • Annual Output: USD 120million