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Research Development

JFT has been working on R&D since the period so called a waking phase of Vaping markets around 10 years ago up to date, and the experiences and know-hows acquired from it have been contributing on developing optimized vaping products for improving and enhancing smoking habits.

JFT makes its steps forward with strong R&D, delivered by professionals to become the front runner of the vaping industry. Research, Engineering and Design team led by Ph.D expert in science are considering all possible needs and benefits of the users and cooperating to develop high quality products for them. Also, marketing professionals are associated in order to complete the developed product into trendy ones in the market.
JFT’s products delivers abundant and rather constant amount of vape which out-satisfies users over ordinary cigarettes, and they will be assisting in improving and enhancing smoking habits of human by providing products having high usability and portability.

  • Superior Performance
    • Developed(Developing) heating element delivering high performance with low power level.
    • Defined the connecting mechanism between liquid absorber and heating part.
    • Optimized solution for over-supply and slow-supply of liquid.
    • Know-how in material handling for clear delivery of the tastes
  • Strength in liquid tank
    • Convenient refilling system
    • Leak-free liquid containing tank
    • Efficient protection system against consendation and speak-back
  • Strength in Battery
    • Minimising the standby power to prevent unnecessary efficiency drop of the battery
    • Continous reinforcement in protection functions for higher stability and lower defects
    • Maintaining constant level of power delivery from fully-charged to charing-required status by using constant voltage function.